Get Involved

Want to get involved with the 2017-2018 Solana Beach PTA?

We are looking for parents and community members to be a part of our organization.  Look at the current 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Team Leaders and consider joining this list of amazing volunteers! Come to a meeting, listen to your principals and teachers speak about your students, and decide for yourself if you want to be involved.

*check with your school to find out the details regarding dates and locations of our next meeting!

Board and Teams

Position Description Time Commitment 2017-2018 Lead

SKY (President)

Oversees PTA operations for SKY or SV Elementary. Sets agenda and runs monthly meetings. Works collaboratively with other president. Attends trainings and represents school PTA as needed at District events. Calendar is July 1st – June 30th. Average 10 hours per week. Diana Baker



SV (Executive Vice President)

Scott Herrin

Recording Secretary Prepares minutes for PTA meetings, executive sessions, and general association meetings. Notifies officers and members of upcoming meetings and events as directed. Must attend all monthly meetings. Estimated 5 hours per month. Sue Martins



Treasurer Acts as custodian for all PTA funds. Duties include: maintaining financial records, preparing monthly reports and cutting checks as needed.  Also preparing reports to comply with local, state and federal laws. Attends periodic trainings with local PTA office. Estimated 10 hours per month. Patti O’Shaughnessy


Financial Secretary Collects, organizes and deposits all checks written to Solana Beach PTA. Works closely with treasurer. Attends monthly meetings. Busy periods are during PTA spirit wear sales (Aug – Sept) and annual walk-a-thon fundraiser (March) Hours vary. Jayne Tuma-Yee


Parliamentarian Sees that bylaws are upheld. Manages annual nominations and election process. Attends monthly meetings. Nominations and elections process happens Feb – May. Laurel Graziano



Historian Attend month meetings and fulfills historian duties of submitting record of volunteer hours to Ninth District once a year in April. Attend monthly meetings.  15 hours total for the year. Heather Adams



Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Auditor Conduct audit of PTA financials 2x year. Must be comfortable reviewing budgets and financial documents. Responsible for reviewing previous audit, cross-checking Treasurer’s folder, including bank statements, deposit slips, checks, invoices, reimbursement requests, annual budget, etc. Present audit findings at PTA meeting 2 x year. Collect materials between Jan-Mar and Aug-Sept. Estimated 4-6 hours to conduct each audit. Jim Graziano


PTA-Global Liaison for Solana Highlands Campus As needed, work with Skyline PTA President to represent global parents located at Solana Highlands. 1-2 hours per month Corey Ford



Room Parents & Volunteer Team
Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Volunteer Coordinator Plans and executes volunteer recruitment process for Skyline or Solana Vista Elementary. Prepares and distributes recruitment materials to all classrooms at back-to-school night and hosts periodic volunteer meetings as needed. Works closely with room parents. Position lasts throughout school year, but is busiest in the fall.


Kate Kousser – SKY



Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Walk-A-Thon/Field Day



Plans and runs the annual Walk-a-thon/Dance-a-thon PTA fundraiser at SKY or SV in FEBRUARY 2017. Solicits sponsors, arranges events, plans prize, gathers and coordinates volunteers, provides paperwork, collects pledges. Recommend a co-chair or committee.


Busy period is two months before the event, generally in the winter. Approximately 10 hours per week, and then increasing as the event draws near. SKY

Monica Polo



Shena Winslow


Sue Martins



Spirit Wear (including membership) Works with team to design, order & sell spirit wear Back to School  Night and through email. Sales occurs from late August through September.



Chrisse Sahadi

Kirsten Levine 

 Amy Hall

Stacey Nguyen



Merchant-Restaurant Nights Organize times at local restaurants or business for PTA to receive portion of the sales 10-12 hours per year OPEN


Box Tops for Education Advertise, collect and redeem box tops for education.


Estimated 2 hours per month Romi Skolnik – SKY








Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Social Media Works with Presidents & Communications Team to get the word out about PTA events and school activities.  Prepares information for weekly envelope. Estimated 1-5 hours per month


Maureen Hatem



Membership Communications Works with Presidents & Communications Team to send email notifications to members, manages membership list. Estimated 1-5 hours per month




Website coordinator Keeps PTA website up to date with meeting notes, event information, contact information, and other announcements. Periodically a new section may need developing. Assists with web publicity as needed. Estimated 5 hours per month


Mari Kwee – SKY








Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Assemblies Works closely with teachers and principal to bring meaningful and relevant assemblies and events to SKY or SV Elementary. Must work within PTA budget assigned. Estimated 1-2 hours per month




Marina Supple – SV


International Festival Oversee planning committee to design and implement annual international festival. Recruit country chairs and other volunteers as needed. Manage budget provided by PTA. Work period is usually January through May. Event is typically held at the end of May. Lucilla Schiraldi



Astrocamp Volunteer Coordinator Works with fifth grade teachers at Skyline to collect donations and volunteers for Astrocamp field trip in spring. Estimated 1-2 hours per month


Penelope Craig


Jayne Tuma-Yee



Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Movie Nights Plans and advertises fall back-to-school movie night and periodic restaurant fundraisers and other family events throughout the school. Estimated 5-10 hours per event. OPEN – SKY




6th Grade Promotion/SKY Position for 6th grade parent to plan the promotion ceremony for the graduating 6th graders at Skyline. Works with 6th grade teachers and the principal to plan the event. Set up, obtain volunteers, and coordinate materials for the event. Approximately 6-10 hours of time, not including the day of the event. Week of the event hours will increase from 10-20 hours, depending on the event planned. OPEN – SKY


Yearbook Person collects photos from all classes and works with staff on layout for annual yearbook. Committee suggested.


Hours vary. Yearbooks are printed in the spring.  


Shena WInslow 




Hollie Cheowanich



Advisor: Chika Shiraishi 







Position Description Time Commitment 2017-18 Lead
Family Education Recruits speakers on topics of interest to parents and teachers and plans 3-4 events per year.


Estimated 5-10 hours per event. April Mosebrook



Marina Supple – SV



Healthy Choices-Red Ribbon Week Coordinate events for one week during fall related to Healthy Choices and Red Ribbon Week.  Select events, organize assemblies, create calendar and advertise event.   Events include Halloween Candy Buy Back, Drug Talk for 6th Graders, physical activity, dress up days, student made posters. September-November (held the first week of November) OPEN